Shows that Play on And Then There Were None

Posted by Sandra Woolf

It’s no mystery that Agatha Christie is the mistress of intrigue. Many consider her masterpiece to be And Then There Were None, a whodunit that will leave you guessing. Many TV shows have paid homage to Christie’s work and we’ve selected some of the best!

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[Web series still from Ten Little Roosters, Rooster Teeth Productions] 

Rooster Teeth – Ten Little Roosters

Rooster Teeth took a break from video games to create this murder mystery web series, playing on the "Ten Little Indians" poem featured in And Then There Was None with Ten Little Roosters. Each week a different character was killed off and fans had to guess the killer’s identity. No spoilers here!



[TV still from Boy Meets World, Touchstone Television and AB]

Boy Meets World – And Then There Was Shawn

Yes, even the loveable Boy Meets World did a ridiculously scary Agatha Christie tribute. In this episode, the gang finds themselves locked inside the school with a murderer on the loose. One by one their friends meet gruesome ends. (RIP Mr. Feeny) Relax, it was all just a dream. Or was it…?



[TV still from Family Guy, 20th Century Fox and Fox Television Animation]

Family Guy – And Then There Were Fewer

The most faithful adaptation on this list has to go to Family Guy. Set in a stately mansion on a remote island, the Griffins must escape a killer on the loose. Sound familiar? Of course, it wouldn’t be Family Guy without shenanigans ensuing and pop culture jokes made. We’re sure Christie would have approved.



[TV still from Doctor Who, BBC]

Doctor Who – The Unicorn and the Wasp

Speaking of Agatha Christie, did you know she made an appearance on Doctor Who? When the Doctor crashes a dinner party, its up to him and Christie to solve a mysterious string of murders. An extraterrestrial is the culprit, but which of the guests is not who they appear?



[TV still from Supernatural, Warner Bros Telelvision]

Supernatural – And Then There Were None

Did someone say murder mystery?! The Winchester brothers are on the case! When the killer turns out to be a monster—gasp!—the brothers use their butt-kicking monster-hunting skills to save the day. We’re not sure if this is what Christie had in mind when it comes to solving a mystery, but Supernatural does it with style.

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