Retrograndma: Unique Book-Themed Gifts

Posted by Madisen Ray

If you’re a bibliophile, you love books, plain and simple. You probably have more than you know what to do with (or have space for), but you always acquire more. You have yellowed old classics and brand-new glossy New York Times bestsellers. But now you’re looking for something more unique to round out your book collection, maybe something vintage, or something that reminds you of your childhood.

Then Retrograndma has you covered! This Etsy shop features a ton of bookish delights you are sure to love, even if you don’t quite have the room on your bookshelf.
I have to say, I love how much Nancy Drew is on her page. Retrograndma uses these books with their bright yellow spines in many of her creations, but my favorite use is as the Hollow Book Safe. What could possibly be a more perfect place to hide your secrets than in a mystery?
For a truly unique addition to your favorite reading nook, how about a lamp made from a book? Set some extra books under it before a dinner party and see how long it takes before someone says, “Wait, is that a lamp? Made out of books?”
And finally, for the book-lover on the go, a Harry Potter book purse. Yes, purses made from the British editions of Harry Potter. Considering the length of the books (The Goblet of Fire’s spine is 2.5” wide), they’d be quite roomy. Oh, they also come with matching wallets made from the dust jacket. Sold!