Bookish DIY Gifts: A Book Scarf

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Giving books as gifts this year? Keep them festive and cozy from cover to cover with your very own hand-made book scarf! These scarves are an adorable way to wrap gifts for the season and add a fun dash of whimsy to your winter reading. Making a fleece book scarf couldn’t be easier – wrapping your book gifts this way is sure to make them the most popular presents at your holiday party! This keyhole scarf design is a beautiful way to make your scarf even more luxurious. Here’s how to make one for yourself.

First, gather your materials

  1. Book of choice
  2. Fleece fabric
  3. Sharp fabric scissors
  4. Fabric paint (optional)
  5. Tiny Yoda (optional moral support)


Measure the length of your scarf

Fold your fleece around the book you’ll be wrapping and position the ends of your fabric as you would position a scarf around your neck. For this example, we wrapped the scarf around the book once with 2 inches of overlap on each end. You can make yours wrap around the book as many times as you like!


Trim to proper width

Now is time to decide that age-old wintertime questions: thick scarf, or skinny scarf? A thick scarf can give a book a warm, snug appearance, while a skinny scarf will give it a more high-fashion look.


Cut keyhole opening

True, you could just tie your scarf in place, but a keyhole closure helps the scarf stay in place while making it quick and easy to remove – no tightly cinched knots to worry about when you’re ready to curl up with your cozy book! Lay your scarf in place, and not where the ends overlap. Cut a slit about half as long as the scarf is wide. Test out the fit of your scarf by threading the other end through the keyhole opening, adjust and trim as necessary.


Bonus Round 1: Add fringe

Fringe just makes a scarf feel more like a scarf! Snip along the end of your scarf as shown to create fringe, making a new cut every eighth of an inch or so. You can experiment with longer, shorter, or wider fringe too – just try them out on scrap fleece first so your finished scarf will have the perfect look.


Bonus Round 2: Add detail with fabric paint

Give your scarf a few choice finishing touches with a little fabric paint. We added a few simple evergreen trees to the bottom border to make this scarf just a little more special. Once the paint is dry, your book scarf is ready to go!


Yes, cut at an even width, you will.