Reality Shows Inspired by Book Titles

Posted by Jamie Canaves

It seems like everything has been made into a reality TV show these days. Worried that there isn’t anything left to binge watch on your lazy Sunday? Think again! Here are casting calls for four imagined reality shows we’d love to watch, inspired by the titles of four awesome books. Paging reality show writers:

Year of Yes

Casting News:

Do you feel like your life has stalled? Or maybe you just never had a chance to hop on the right path towards your dream job? Dream life? We want to help! If you’re selected you’ll spend one year, all expenses paid, chasing after your dreams. All you have to do is say YES! to any opportunity that comes your way—Starting with filling out the application and creating a 5-minute video showing us how enthusiastic you are about the chance to be on the Year of Yes.


Everything I Never Told You

Casting News:

There’s a million dollars on the table and all you have to do is tell the person you are closet to (whether that be your partner, parent, or best friend) the list of the worst things you’ve done in your life. How do you get the million bucks? You have to come completely clean on all of the details AND this person has to completely forgive you. Trust us we’ll know…

If you think you can handle it email us one of your secrets to I’[email protected]


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

*Secret interoffice memo draft

To: Reality Development Department

From: Your alien overload. (Ha, jk it’s Raquel.)

Okay team, this will only work if we’re the first so we need applications and production proposals ready for as soon as space travel is open to the public. Titled The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, think Real World in space: “This is the true story of seven strangers picked to travel in space and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when gravity stops existing and people start?? (finish sentence and check with legal if Real World will sue)


The Regional Office is Under Attack!

*Drunk email sent to self

From: Taylor

To: Taylor

Subject: READ before morning meeting

Remember to pitch The Regional Office is Under Attack!–every month a business is selected and a team of trained assassins (paintball enthusiasts) will have one week to plan their attack. Their goal is to find a flag, hidden somewhere in the office, and get back to the parking lot with it. The other office may be surprised by the attack, but paintball guns will be hidden on location for them to find and use to defend themselves. If they succeed in defending their office, they get a bonus. If the attackers succeed, they get sponsor money. CHA-CHING! Don’t forget to reference Michael Scott (OOH check to see if his cutout is still in closet—wait, did we draw on his forehead?)