Read in the Bathtub Day: Four Great Books You Should Read

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Whether you use bubbles, bath bombs, candles or just stew á la you, here are four books set in, on and by the ocean that are perfect for bathtub reading.

*bubbles not included

Jaws by Peter Benchley: Why yes, before the movie created a generation fearful of the beach it was a book. Okay, so maybe the movie focused more on the man-eating shark than the book which has more subplots not-involving the shark, but you always have to read the book. Always! And you’re much safer reading this in your tub than while floating on an inner tube out in the ocean where—SHARK! Or was that a dolphin fin? Let’s stay safe in the shallow end of the bath.

Atmospheric Suggestions: Blood Bath Shower Gel and Chomp the Shark

Moby Dick by Herman Melville: Instead of being the hunted you’ll be the hunter! (Sorry whales, I love you) So serve yourself some grog, carve your soap into a harpoon and finally get around to reading a book that’s most likely on your literary classic TBR pile. *I am not responsible for your degree of body pruning.

Atmospheric Suggestions: Moby Dick Sea Mist soap and Pewter Mug

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy: Read a thriller spy novel set in the Cold War while relaxing in warm water. Well, if you can relax during a global nuclear crisis—don’t worry Jack Ryan a former Marine working for the CIA has got this, or does he?… I can promise you’ll be safe from sharks and whales.

Atmospheric Suggestions: The Hunt for Red October Shower Curtain and Radio Controlled Submarine

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen: Best read in the tub with happy inducing bubbles to catch your tears because this is the un-Disneyed original tale of a mermaid willing to give up her tongue for a Prince and an eternal human soul that would give children nightmares. And no, I have not forgotten that Disney shot Bambi’s mother. I will never forget!

Atmospheric Suggestions: The Little Mermaid Soundtrack, Mermaid Tail and Big Blue Bath Bomb