Quirk’s Educator’s Guides, Reader’s Group Guides, and Authorless Event Kits

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Curious about what kind of educator's guides, reader's group guides, and event kits we've got? Follow us on Pinterest or scroll below! 


The Tales from Lovecraft Middle School Series: Good news! You can download educator's guides for Charles Gilman's spooky middle grade series! This includes Professor Gargoyle, The Slither Sisters, and Teacher's Pest. Click the links below to access them all on the Lovecraft Middle School website.

Professor Gargoyle | The Slither Sisters | Teacher's Pest | Substitute Creature

The Nick & Tesla Series: Bring Science Bob and Steve Hockensmith's charming middle grade series into the classroom, thanks to these educator's guides. You can download guides for High-Voltage Danger Lab and Robott Army Rampage via the links below on the Nick & Tesla website. A guide for Secret Agent Gadget Battle and Super Cyborg Gadget Glove will be coming soon! 

High-Voltage Danger Lab | Robot Army Rampage | Secret Agent Gadget Battle | Super Cyborg Gadget Glove | Special Effects Spectacular

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Hark! An educator's guide is available for thee… alright, our New York Times bestselling author Ian Doescher is way better at that. Bring his series into the classroom with these handy guides. 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars | The Empire Striketh Back | The Jedi Doth Return | The Phantom of Menace | The Clone Army Attacketh | The Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge


The Last Policeman Series: Bringing The Last Policeman into your book club? Well good news! We've got a reader's group guide for The Last Policeman, Countdown City and World of Trouble. Download them via the links below.

The Last Policeman | Countdown City | World of Trouble


Find Momo: Andrew zips around the country in his yellow van all the time. But, in the event you can't get him out to your bookstore, we've got a great authorless event kit you can download. Check it out here

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: If Ransom can't make it to your bookstore because he's busy rummaging around for new vintage photos, you can download this fantastic authorless event kit here.

Lovecraft Middle School: Chances are, Charles Gilman is busy researching Cthulu lore along the shores of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia. You can get information on how to get an authorless event kit here, which will help you create a fun event

The Nick & Tesla Series: Excited to share the adventures of Nick & Tesla with your bookstore or classroom? We've put together a fun event kit, just for you

Jane Austen Cover to Cover: We've got a special kit so you can have your own Jane Austen Cover to Cover GALLERY SHOW. That's right! Download the free kit on Scribd, here