Quirk President’s Profound Enthusiasm for Back to the Future: A Visual Journey

Posted by Julie Leung

To say Quirk President Brett Cohen is a pretty big fan of Back to the Future is like saying the Aurora Borealis is pretty neat-looking. Mere words is not enough, you simply must see it for yourself. So on this day of days, this hallowed "October 21, 2015" in the year of our pop culture significance, we'd like to take you on a visual journey chronicling how deep Brett's fandom goes. 

You might walk into his office and be like, "Hm, I note a common theme here." 


Like to the point where you might question whether this is a book publisher or a Back to the Future museum. 


And then you squint at his Who's Who profile on our site, and you're like, "Is that a hoverboard? Yeah, I think that's a hoverboard." 


You're in a meeting with Brett about publishing roadmaps, and he's just building a time machine and saying stuff like, "Roadmaps, where we're going, we don't need roadmaps."  


Finally, you take this guy to Comic-con, and he finds the Delorean… 


…and he's like, "BRB, guys!" 


So from the biggest BTTF fan within a 100-mile radius (probably) and the guys who work for him, we'd like to wish everyone a Great (Scott!) Back to the Future Day! 



Julie Leung

Julie Leung is the social media and marketing manager at Quirk Books—tweeting up storms and surfing the blog waves. She is also the author of a forthcoming trilogy, Mice of the Round Table (Fall '16), and Mother of FictionToFashion.com. You can follow her at @jleungbooks or simply at @QuirkBooks, where she drops pithy word nuggets on the daily.