Quirk Corral: Rocking Mirrors and Bookish Metallica Songs

Posted by Jennifer Morell

[Photo Credit: Design Sponge]

Have you been suffering from a lack of links in your life? We’re here to rescue you from the doldrums of the internet with the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links we could find. Rejoice in the news that you should definitely be stuffing your face with chocolate while you read! Adorn your home with DIY gemstones! Turn yourself into a Powerpuff Girl!

All Things Bookish

Apparently you should be eating chocolate while you read. Well, you don’t need to tell us twice!

Check out this list of Metallica songs that are inspired by books.

Enjoy this literary tour of the American South.


All Things Geeky

Turn yourself into a Powerpuff Girl!

Spruce up your living space with Nintendo inspired home décor.

Get a sneak peek at the latest Wonder Woman pics.


All Things Crafty

Would you drink pork curry cola?

This faux stone mirror looks like a fun DIY project.

Free up some space on your iPhone… by renting a movie.

Bake your own animal crackers.