Quirk Corral: Petit Princes and Petit Wooden Crossbows

Posted by Jennifer Morell

Despite some wild weather, Spring is officially here! Celebrate the end of winter with a fresh crop of the best links on the web. There’s some wonderful news for fans of The Little Prince, and a bunch of great recipes and crafts for both Easter and Purim. You’re sure to find something to make your day a little brighter and your start to Spring a little warmer.

All Things Bookish

Rejoice! Netflix has swooped in to save The Little Prince.

Why do we love weird fairy tales?

Now you can read Etgar Keret’s shortest story, “Asthma,” as a one page illustration.

Author Miroslav Penkov made a literary mixtape.


All Things Geeky

Here’s a thoughtful read about Agent Scully and adoption.

Make your own mini wooden crossbow that is both adorable and slightly dangerous.

Relish in some of the Indiana Jones movies that never happened.


All Things Crafty

Learn how to make your own edible glitter and then put it on all of your baked goods.

Check out these cute DIY Easter projects.

These cookies for Purim look fantastic.