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Middle names are like a secret. Sometimes, they can even be embarrassing for the owner. On this list we reveal the hidden middle names of certain fictional characters in pop culture.


Nymphadora “Vulpecula” Tonks

As if Nymphadora wasn’t bad enough, poor Tonks also hates her middle name, Vulpecula, which is a group of stars called “the fox." What can we say? At least the Black family is consistent in using the constellations for naming. We prefer Tonks anyways.


Leonard “Leakey” Hofstadter

Poor Leonard! Nerds can be cruel, and with the middle name like Leakey, it’s no wonder he hides it. Named after the famous archeologists Louis Leakey, whom his father admired, it seems Leonard was destined to be in the sciences.


Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro

When your father is a rock star, you can be sure to have an odd name. For Bones’ Angela, that is just the case. For years Angela refused to tell anyone her full name, due to the embarrassment. It is eventually revealed that her birth name was Pookie Noodlin Pearly-Gates Gibbons. She definitely wins for the most unique name on this list.


Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs

AKA the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Originally from Idaho, Oz was named by his father who gave him quite the mouthful of a name. So, he just went by the shorted version of Oz. Also, he realized that his abbreviated named spelled out Pinhead.


Maj. Major Major Major

It’s pretty bad when your name is a joke. In Joseph Heller’s famous novel Catch-22, that is exactly what happens to Major Major. His father thought it would be funny to name him such. When he joins the army, his name and rank are soon one and the same, much to his chagrin. There seems to be a pattern here of father’s trying to have a sense of humor.

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