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My office at the Quirk HQ tends to get rather dungeon-esque (not to be confused with dungeness, which are delicious), what with the fact that it is largely lit by the natural light pouring down from the ceiling. Alas, my current desk lamp is not nearly as cool as this custom lamp, crafted with care by Etsy seller Czechpub.

When the lamp is turned off during the day, there’s a lovely original black and white photograph printed on the front, a picture taken by Monica (Czechpub) in a little town outside of Oregon. But when the lamp is turned on, a secret message pops up on the typewriter’s paper… and you can customize the message! Awesome!

According to her Etsy profile, Monica’s been making custom lighting for over 10 years. I highly recommend browsing through her shop at her other lamps. The ones that feature bicycles are particularly nice.

Oh! And the custom typewriter lamp will run you under $50, complete with shipping.

Custom Typewriter Lamps by Czechpub @ Etsy