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Via The Little Prince

Just like the rest of the Internet, we're really excited about the film adaptation of The Little Prince. Have you seen the trailer yet? No? What's wrong with you. Please go take a look. We'll wait.

Okay? Good. Let's move on. 

One thing I love about the bookish community, is that we sure do love wearing our words on our sleeves. Like, literally. As tattoos. Last year, our friends at BookRiot rounded up all their awesome bookish tattoos, and this year, BuzzFeed's own Isaac Fitzgerald released an incredible book about ink, both literary and tattooed. 

So I can't help but wonder... will we see an increase in Little Prince inspired tattoos once the movie hits? I'm sure tattoo shops across the country had an influx of Lord of the Rings requests. I hope so. There's just so much to draw (and tattoo!) from. 

And there are already a lot of Little Prince tattoos out there, so we've rounded up some of our favorites. Take a look! 

Via Digital Bus Stop

A half sleeve! Amazing! Via Contrariwise

Via 34th St

Via Imperfect Josie @ Deviant Art

Via Odd Stuff Magazine

Via Flickr

Via Eye Catching Tattoos

Via Creative Fan

Via Contrariwise