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Another year, another con. San Diego Comic Con 2012 was another resounding success.

The booth looked great. We sold a ton of books. We had a successful book signing. We spotted some celebrities. And, saw some pretty great costumes. See the gallery below for a bunch of our photos.

Highlights included:

- Our booth was overrun with people looking to snag our "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster promoting The Last Policeman.
- Several people performed "The Lenticular Waltz" as they rocked back and forth to watch the Professor Gargoyle cover morph.
- Ransom Riggs signed copies of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children while a woman dressed as the book's cover girl kept the line in order. Also, the booth staff dressed in PECULIAR shirts.
- I got my photo taken with an actual hoverboard... that didn't actually hover.
- We saw a comic-con kismet moment as a man dressed as slave Leia stumbled upon a woman dressed as Han Solo right in front of our booth. Naturally, an onslaught of photographs ensued.

Noteworthy quotes: 

- A teenage boy held The Batman Handbook and said..."I might be back. I have to choose between buying this book and eating. I only have $10." (Amazingly, he later came back and bought the book.)
- A woman points to Penis Pokey and said..."If I had a weiner, I'd stick it in that book. Heck, if I had a weiner I'd stick it in anything."
- A woman asked Ransom Riggs to sign her badge using the moniker "Handsome Ransom Riggs".

Only at Comic-Con, right? As I said, it was a great show. Follow my Only at Comic-Con Pinterest board for year-round photos from the show.

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Brett Cohen

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