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Attention, pumpkin spice latte lovers! Our season is upon us. Let us be merry and order as many PSLs as possible before they’re gone. And they’re better this year, what with the new Starbucks recipe and all. So whether you order the occasional tall pumpkin spice or reach basic status with a daily venti, wear the title proud. Shout it from the rooftops. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES FOREVER!

And hey, if we love them so much, we have to suspect some our literary counterparts would love the latte, as well.

Cosette — Les Misérables

Can’t you just see Cosette with a pumpkin spice latte in the Luxembourg Gardens, making eyes at Marius? Perhaps he’d stop at the Bucks to grab a couple PSLs as courting gifts to win Valjean’s blessing. No one can say no to pumpkin spice goodness, not even overprotective dads.


Maureen Grube — Revolutionary Road

If Maureen had access to the PSL in the 1950s, she’d grab one on her way to work at the Knox Building in the morning and grab another on her way home to her NYC apartment. It would be her drink of choice when Frank Wheeler came to visit—a PSL for her, a stiff one for him.


Emma Bloom – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Okay, Emma would be all over the PSL if she had access to them in Miss Peregrine’s loop. But on the bright side, Jacob can totally swing back to the present and grab one for her. And there are no worries about the drink getting cold. Emma can warm that bad boy up as many times as she wants. Having hands that produce fire sure has its perks.


Daisy Buchanan — The Great Gatsby

Man, it can be argued that Daisy is the ultimate basic white girl. So instead of throwing tons of parties, maybe all Jay needed to do was swing by his local Starbucks and pick up a venti to woo Daisy. Then she would know that, like her, Jay enjoys the finer, pumpkin-y things in life.


Lacey Pemberton — Paper Towns

Lacey is pretty serious about her diet, even going as far as to hand out backwards compliments to her “curvy” friends about their bodies. But her one cheat snack is hands down the pumpkin spice latte. Maybe she orders the “short” size, the 8 oz. not listed on the actual Starbucks menu, to feel okay about it. But she definitely does not miss out on PSL season.


Amy March — Little Women 

The youngest March sister is spunky and artistic. Can’t you picture her sketching on the sides of her Starbucks drinks or coloring in the leaves on the limited edition cups? We think Laurie would be into the PSL, too.

What other fictional characters would totally be into PSLs? Let us know at @QuirkBooks

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