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Pride & Prejudice

Sure, you could hang your favorite book up in your living room by nailing it to the wall. But that would be messy, wasteful and your friends would think you're crazy. Instead, scope out Postertext, a Canadian poster company producing elegant works of literary art.

Postertext takes the actual text from a number of classical works and repurposes those words into beautiful posters. There's seriously something for all wakes of classic literature fans; romance (Pride & Prejudice), adventure (Moby Dick), classic science-fiction (the Time Machine, War of the Worlds). There's even a poster for the Metamorphosis, the subject of Quirk's latest mashup, the Meowmorphosis.

The posters range from $23 - $35 (Canadian), and come in varying sizes. Check them out!

Postertext [www.postertext.com]