14 Star Wars and Shakespeare Crafts to DIY

Posted by Ashley Little
When Quirk unveiled William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher, the DIYer in me couldn’t decide whether I wanted to crochet a Yoda or embroider a Shakespeare quote onto my pillow.
For those of you who feel the same, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Shakespeare and Star Wars crafts from around the web. Bonus points if you can find a way to combine them. Perhaps a Death Star vase with a Shakespeare quote etched into it or a Chewbacca doll wearing a ruff? We’ll leave it up to you.
DEATH STAR VASES: You’ll never purchase another store-bought vase after you mix your own concrete and pour it in a special Death Star silicone tray. There are also instructions for making Storm Trooper faces that can be used as drawer pulls, magnets, and wall hooks.
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU WALL ART: If you’re not the kind of Star Wars fan to proudly line your shelves with collectibles, this unassuming wall art project is perfect for you. The eye-chart style makes it blend in with your other decor, and the words are applied using Mod Podge and letters printed right from your home computer.
ROMEO & JULIET CROSS STITCH: Cross stitching is one of the most traditional ways to display your favorite quotes. This Romeo and Juliet cross stitch was made using a vintage pattern, but if you’re an expert cross-stitcher you could easily stitch your favorite Shakespeare quote.

CROCHET YODA: Crochet your own Yoda, you will. This Yoda is pretty small, so just use thicker yarn and larger needles if you want yours to be bigger. Get the crochet pattern from blogger Jessica at Happy Together.
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM FOLK ART: Use wild flowers and scrap linen fabric to create your own Midsummer Night’s Dreaminspired art that can hang on your wall or be strung into a garland. We think a crown sounds like a great option, too. Maybe your Cuddly Chewbacca would want to wear it.
SHAKESPEARE EMBROIDERY PROJECT: Crafter Alice Birdy created a whole series of stitch projects based on Shakespeare quotes that she calls Stitching the Bard. This ornamental pincushion is seriously impressive. You have to squint a little to see the quote from Hamlet, and it’s obvious a lot of work went into it.
FREEZE STENCIL PILLOWCASESNo need to break out a screenprint kit every time you want to transfer an image to fabric. This how-to demonstrates a freezer-paper stencil method that’s quick and easy for transferring any image you want, whether it’s Shakespeare, Luke Skywalker, or both. If you’re not crazy about the pillowcases, you can print your stencil on a t-shirt or tote bag as an alternative.
PRINCESS LEIA HEADBAND: It would be a sin to publish a Star Wars craft roundup without a nod to Princess Leia’s hair. I like these headband-style buns because they’re functional ear warmers that are acceptable to wear any time — not just Halloween. The instructions are for a kid-size headband, but if the force is with you, you’ll have no problem altering them to your adult head.
MACBETH BAG: Spotted on Craftster, this bag is embroidered with one of the most famous Macbeth quotes. According to the crafter of the bag, the Globe Theatre sells a similar tote in their gift shop. Take that, London tourism.
SHAKESPEARE LIGHT: Use washi tape and a craft punch — two super popular craft supplies — to turn Shakespeare-play pages into Mason jar covers. And don’t worry about the pages catching fire. The candle is inside the jar, protecting your home from burning down like the original Globe Theatre.
PEG DOLLS: These peg dolls (pictured at the top of this post) remind me of the old-school Little People I played with in the 80s. Painting the dolls looks easy at first, but drawing those precise lines (not to mention the wait time between coats) makes these more challenging than you think.
BUILD A GLOBE THEATER: Honor the true spirit of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by building this paper theatre and staging a Star Wars peg-doll battle inside.
CUDDLY CHEWBACCA: Don’t even pretend like you don’t have fantasies about cuddling with Chewbacca. We all know your secret. Download this pattern, get out your sewing machine, and make all your dreams come true.
SHAKESPEARE LOVE QUOTES: These printables make great valentines for your Shakespeare-lovin’ friends. Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Print them and hang them as wall art so you can enjoy them all year.