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Last year, while I was busy doing blogger research for The Cookiepedia, I stumbled upon a lot of outrageous macaron recipes. There were plenty of wild flavor combinations, from the subtle like lavender and vanilla bean to the adventurous like pistachio with vanilla raspberry & rhubarb jam.

I felt bad for Quirk's Margaret McGuire (editor) and Katie Hatz (designer) during this process, as I was filling their inboxes with link after link. So, here are my favorites from those days of assaulting their email accounts.

Read on to scope out the recipes, for a chance to share your favorites, and an opportunity to win a copy of The Cookiepedia! Oh and Margaret? Katie? I apologize for nothing.

Hello Kitty Macarons @ I Heart Baking: These precious little macarons, whipped up by Michelle of I Heart Baking, are strawberry-lemon flavored and oh-so-cute. One quick look at Michelle's blog reveals a talented baker that's also Hello Kitty obsessed. Check out her Hello Kitty cakepops, ice cream cake, pocket pies, and mini cupcakes! Nom! 

Big Mac Macarons @ La Fuji Mama: To celebrate Macaron Day (did you know that's a thing?), Rachel over at La Fuji Mama created this fast food inspired cookies. The tomato and lettuce? Actually white chocolate. Amazing.

Peg Solitaire Macrarons @ the Gourmantine Blog: Who says you can't play with your food? The Gourmantine says you absolutely can and I believe her, especially after seeing macarons made specifically for peg solitaire. Eliminate a piece? Good! Cause now you can eat it! Om nom.

Snickers Macarons @ 6 Bittersweets: The inner fat kid in me rejoices at the sight of these. Created by Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets, the Snickers inspired cookies make my mouth water at the thought of 'em. Want.

Reeses Macarons @ Honey & Butter: ... and that fat kid isn't going anywhere. Don't be fooled by the purple coloring, these little guys are meant to taste just like those tempting peanut-butter-cups. Go visit Honey & Butter to learn how to make them, right now. Mm!


Do you have a favorite macaron recipe that I tragically missed? Leave a link to it in the comments. I'll pick three new favorites and send you each a copy of The Cookiepedia! Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you!