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Use leftover cupcake liners and gold glitter to create an easy ornament that will add sparkle to your holidays. 


20 small cupcake liners

20-inch piece of embroidery thread

Embroidery needle


Gold glitter

Plastic container with lid

School glue

Paper plate


1. Fold 20 liners in half. Stack the half-circles uniformly so that the folded sides line up. 

2. Thread your needle and line up the loose ends. Insert the needle through the middle of the each half-circle, close to the fold. Poke through a few at a time until you've gotten through all of them. 

3. Leave at least a 3-inch tail of thread. Tie all ends together in a double. Trim off excess tying thread.

4. Gently open, separate, and twist each half-circle until it's full and fluffy.

5. Pour a thin layer of glitter into a plastic container. Pour a small amount of school glue on a paper plate. Carefully roll all edges of the pom-pom in the glue. Place the pom-pom in the plastic container and put on the lid and give it a little shake until all the edges are covered in glitter. Take out the glittery pom-pom and let try.