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I must confess that I am a huge fan of the fictional Book Club posts that Jamie Canaves does for the Quirk blog. (Check out the latest for Orange is the New Black!)  

So, in the spirit of Father’s Day and taking a cue from the indomitable Jamie, I assigned some perfectly on-point Quirk book selections for my favorite pop culture dads.

Rick Grimes (from The Walking Dead): The Last Policeman
In a pre-apocalyptic world, a former policeman tries to be the moral compass while society crumbles around him.  This book may hit a little too close to home for Rick.


Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles): The League of Regrettable Superheroes
For every superhero that hit the big time with his own blockbuster movie, there are countless D-listers waiting for their big break. Mr. Incredible meet Natureboy, Dr. Hormone and Squirrel Girl.


Walter White (from Breaking Bad): Secret Lives of Great Artists
Doesn’t that sound like the title to Mr. White’s autobiography? Subtitle: My hidden life as the artist behind the world’s most sought after meth.


Phil Dunphy (from Modern Family): Who’s on First?
It’s the classic comedy sketch turned into a children’s picture book. Comedy and word play!  Need I say more?


Darth Vader (from Star Wars): How to Con Your Kid
It’s the book your kids don’t want you to read because it’s full of dirty tricks and simple scams to get them to do what you want them to do.  It’s practically the Jedi Mind Trick in book form!


For more pop culture Father’s Day fun, check out Dad Wisdom: The Paternal Teachings of Pop Culture.

Happy Father’s Day!

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