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For some, the temptation to dress up furry friends is hard to resist. With their cute little faces and big loving eyes, who wouldn't want to put a tutu on a pig? Or a dog in a tuxedo? Here are a few eccentric characters that would love to dress up their pets.


Willy Wonka - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Let’s just say that Willy Wonka is the type of person to do all sorts of ridiculous things. Dressing his pets up is honestly the tip of the iceberg. He already dresses his employees in outlandish costumes for Pete’s sake! We can just imagine his pet squirrels wearing silly hats as they work.


Holly Golightly – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Stylish New Yorker Holly knows a thing or two about fashion. That’s why we believe that her Cat (simply named Cat) would wear only the fanciest of clothes. Whether it’s diamonds from Tiffany’s or a scarf from Barney’s, Mr. Cat will sure be an aristocrat.


Don Quixote - The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha

With his faithful steed, Rocinante, Don Quixote faces many challenges and the occasional windmill. Since his imagination often takes him on many journeys, it would not be far fetched to imagine him adorning his steed. A knight and his companions must look presentable, no?


Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Mother of Dragons she may be, but we know every mother likes to dress up her children! And with three little dragons to adorn, who could blame her? Dany’s going to need some very large and durable fabric to clothe her scaly offspring. After all, winter is coming.

Quirk Tested. Reader Approved.

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Sandra Gisi

Sandra Gisi is a book nerd/writer from Austin, Texas. She is the creator of the YouTube series Reader Vs Reader , and book blog What Lovely Books. When she isn't planning world domination, she likes to hangout with her husband and two dogs.