Goodest Pets in Pop Culture

Posted by Rose Moore

Photo by Christian Domingues from Pexels

There are plenty of pets in pop culture. Movies, TV, books, and comics are filled with furry (and not so furry) friends. However, there are only a handful that take the task of being a good boy to the next level. The pets that are so much more than just faithful companions. These beasties have superpowers, pocket dimensions, the ability to talk (and drink), and so much more. Who needs a boring old dog when you could have one of these goodest pets in pop culture? 


Newt Scamander’s Beasts, Fantastic Beasts

Newt Scamander doesn’t necessarily have pets, in the traditional sense. The central character in Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them is a magizoologist, a wizard who specializes in researching, preserving, and caring for magical animals. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t treat some of these creatures as his own family — especially Pickett, the bowtruckle who lives in his pocket and helps him on his adventures. Of course, more than one of the creatures that live in Newt’s suitcase have helped him from time to time, and he treats them all as pets of a sort, from the Niffler that is constantly causing mayhem with its need for gold to the ever-expanding Occamy. Who wouldn’t want one of these fantastic beasts as a pet?



Goose, Captain Marvel

In the comics, Carol Danver’s cat is actually named Chewie, but in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, this little orange furball goes by Goose. (Perhaps Disney thought that two furry companions with the same name would be confusing!) In both universes, however, Captain Marvel’s pet is so much more than just an ordinary housecat—she’s actually a Flerken. Flerkens are aliens that appear to be like Earth cats in almost every way…except that they have pocket dimensions in their mouths. And tentacles. And they use those pocket dimensions in order to store the eggs that hatch their young. But even Flerkens will sit on your laptop, given half a chance.



Brian Griffin, Family Guy

Brian Griffin doesn’t have the kind of superpowers that Newt or Captain Marvel’s pets do, but he can do something that every dog owner wishes their pet could: talk. Not only that, but he can write (bad) novels, mix a damn good martini, and even drive! Most dog owners find themselves just wishing that their pet could walk themselves from time to time, but this Family Guy canine is more like a wisecracking roommate than a regular dog. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play fetch or get a good scratch behind the ears, of course, and Family Guy fans love the moments where the show reminds us that Brian is still a dog.



Lying Cat, Saga

The comic series Saga is filled to the brim with wild and wonderful creatures, but the ultimate fan favorite has to be Lying Cat. Looking like a giant, armored, hairless house cat, Lying Cat can only speak one word, but it’s an incredibly useful one. Whenever people speak, Lying Cat knows instantly if they are telling the truth, and if not, it will say "Lying." This isn’t just useful for spotting fakers, either. (Or for the cool points of having a giant, armored, hairless cat.) Over the course of the books, Lying Cat has been useful to discover when someone has been poisoned and is hallucinating, and even to undo some emotional trauma.



Hedwig, Harry Potter series

Another magical pet from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Hedwig is the beloved (and incredibly smart) owl that Harry has to deliver his letters. Not only is she a loving companion, she is capable of finding Sirius Black no matter where he is, and obeying details instructions for mail delivery. Of course, she’s far from the only amazing Harry Potter pet. Hermione’s cat/Kneazle cross, Crookshanks, is capable of sniffing out trouble…in the form of Ron’s pet, who was actually a Dark Wizard animagus disguised as a rat.



Dug, Up

Finally, spare a moment for Dug, from the charming Disney/Pixar animation Up. Technically, Dug doesn’t have any kind of powers at all, but he does have a collar that allows him to talk, and that makes him one of the goodest boys on this list. Especially because he’s just so sincerely sweet. He's the ultimate man’s best friend who is willing to follow any command, go to any length, hide under any porches, and do anything he can for Mr. Fredrickson and Russel. Unless he sees a squirrel.


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