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Sometimes we look up from our book to shout about said book (or reading in general) and since most of the time that shouting is done online it’s always nice to have a gif to accompany our shouting—or say the words for us.

Today, those words are, "We are reading. DO NOT INTERRUPT."

Because, let's face it, sometimes you get sucked into a funny or lovely book.

Because no one understands our excitement over the next read...or the existence of books altogether.

Merlin could totally use an ereader.

And if your bookish heart speaks in some ecards we have a list of those too.

Jamie Canaves's picture

Jamie Canaves

Jamie Canaves creates for Dinky Cow, tumbles, chirps, writes, and loves everything ‘80s. Her happily-ever-after is living inside a seaside bookstore equally stocked with chocolate—please slide pizza under door.