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In honor of National Library Week we thought we’d help dispel the pop culture stereotype of librarians being elderly women shushing kids. Instead, we've rounded up some awesome, real-life, librarians and library workers to follow on Twitter. Hopefully in the process we’ll also convert Leslie Knope into loving libraries like we do.

In no particular order, here are 19 librarians to follow on Twitter:

Cecily Walker


Leah White 


Megan McArdle 


Leila Roy


Melissa Morrone 


Rita Meade


Robin Bradford




Jessica Pryde 


Ricci Yuhico


Gretchen Kolderup


London Librarian


Laura Koenig


April Hathcock




N.V. Binder 


Anna M


School Librarian


Betsy Bird


Please share those you follow with us at @QuirkBooks

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Jamie Canaves

Jamie Canaves creates for Dinky Cow, tumbles, chirps, writes, and loves everything ‘80s. Her happily-ever-after is living inside a seaside bookstore equally stocked with chocolate—please slide pizza under door.