Pop Culture Mail Carriers Who Really…Deliver

Posted by Maggie Fremont

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” goes the United States Postal Service motto. And why? Well, because mail carriers are badasses, that’s why—and people have noticed. Mail carriers of all shapes, species, and skill levels litter the halls of pop culture. Today, we celebrate eight famous fictional postal workers, regardless of if you trust they would correctly deliver your mail or not.


Cliff Clavin, Cheers

The only reason we know barfly Cliff actually works is because he saddles up to the bar where everybody knows your name in his postal worker uniform every day. Unless he just wears that uniform for fun which, honestly, is a baller move. Otherwise, Cliff’s talents seem to be drinking beer, being a great friend, and rocking the hell out of a mustache.


Mr. McFeely, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mr. McFeely is just your friendly neighborhood Speedy Delivery Service guy. He doesn’t take his job lightly though. He’s a legacy mail carrier—his dad was one, too!


Chidi/Hot Mailmen, The Good Place

[SPOILERS AHEAD!] There’s so many reasons to love Eleanor, the protagonist of NBC’s The Good Place, but one reason high up on that list is the fact that her “type” is hot mailmen. (We get it—we wrote this list.) So when her soulmate Chidi wants to do something special for her, he dresses up as a mailman. Not like we needed any additional proof, but Chidi is a keeper and we should all be so lucky.


Mailbox, Blue’s Clues

He’s a sentient mailbox that both delivers your mail and has his own theme song—how can you beat that? Sure it’s mainly just yelling out any word that rhymes with mail, but it is light years better than that “Backpack” song. Mailbox keeps that whole Blue’s Clues operation running and he deserves some praise.


The Owls, Harry Potter series

Let’s hear it for the owls—the true unsung heroes of the Wizarding World. Out of everyone on this list, they are surely the best at simply delivering the mail. But we love them because they do so much more than that! Owls get important information wherever it needs to go, even when strangely addressed—okay, well as long as your owl isn’t Errol—but they also offer companionship and protection. Will your mail carrier sacrifice his or her life for you? I mean, I don’t know, I’m genuinely asking.


The UPS Guy, Legally Blonde

The hot UPS Guy who wins Paulette’s heart also seems to be extremely good at his job, even when he breaks his nose. It’s not his fault he can’t see a Bend-and-Snap coming! The best thing about this guy though, is that everyone can relate to having a crush on some type of delivery and/or repair man and knows exactly how it feels to be Paulette, waiting for him to arrive and improve your day ten-fold. It’s why we all keep a secret stash of lip gloss in our desk or by the door, duh!


Reba the Mail Lady, Pee-wee’s Playhouse

Ever feel exasperated by Pee-wee Herman’s antics? Yeah, so did Reba the Mail Lady. She never fully understood everything that went on at the Playhouse, but one time Pee-wee did help find her lost dog. If that’s not a nice mail carrier-mail recipient relationship, what is?


Newman, Seinfeld

Newman, both Jerry Seinfeld’s mailman and nemesis, is without a doubt the worst mail carrier on this list, but he might be the most memorable. With him, you’ll most likely never receive your mail, but you know what you will get? A lot of laughs. And maybe fleas.