November Quirk Perks: How to Behave

Posted by Julie Leung

How to Behave by Carolina Tiger: Only $3.99!


The holiday season is fast approaching, which means dinner celebrations, work parties, seasonal travel, and more. Countless interactions with family, friends, and strangers inevitably lead to pesky social situations: when can you answer your cell phone, which armrest is yours on the plane, how do you kindly word your email about the potluck?

But don't fear, How to Behave is here to save the day! A modern guide to manners in the technological age, this book will help the holidays go off without a hitch. With advice on everything from grocery cart etiquette to Facebook friending, you'll be able to handle anything with composure and charm. 

Caroline Tiger is a weekly columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her writing also appears in The New York Times Style Magazine, Town & Country, Salon, Self, Ms., and a host of other national publications. She lives in Philadelphia.

Julie Leung

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