New York Comic Con 2013: Recaps & Photos!

Posted by Eric Smith

Another year, another New York Comic Con! We came, we saw, we scratched our heads in confusion as odd cosplays walked by our booth. 


We did the usual convention stuff. Sold lots of discounted (some autographed!) books, gave away lots of posters, and snuck away from our booth to explore the floor when downtime presented itself. We also had two fantastic signings with Doogie Horner (author of 100 Ghosts) and E.B. Hudspeth (author of The Resurrectionist). E.B. was even on a great panel, joined by a number of other authors talking about zombies, vampires, and various mythical beasts. 

My personal highlights from the convention floor? Running into all the many bloggers we work with on the regular, and dishing out high fives and hugs galore. Also, the fact that we were situated next to First Second and Topshelf Comics. I just wanted to give those guys all my money, and they were excellent neighbors. 

Read on to check out photos, as well as highlights from Blair, Nicole, and Brett! 

BLAIR THORNBURGH (@ATallOrder): Such Comic Con, wow, so amazing! I really dug all the cosplay—including two girls as the dudes from Road to El Dorado (fave!!!) and the giant No Face from Spirited Away that Eric will confirm I was too frightened to approach—but the best part was definitely just talking to people.

Seriously, having you lovely people wander up and say HOMG WE LOVE QUIRK warmed my cold editorial heart and made all those long hours proofreading totally worth it.

BRETT COHEN (@brett_quirk): Another great comic con. Highlights (or lowlights) include seeing The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, WTF Wonder Woman, Cap'n Crunch and Mike TeaVee. 

NICOLE DE JACKMO (@ndejackmo): New York Comic Con always amazes me. Where else can you buy an Adipose stress toy, meet cool Quirk Book fans and dish out your favorite books, and listen in on the value of zombies as bringing out the best and worst in humankind? Seriously, that all happened in one weekend. Can't wait for next year!

And now, some pictures! 

Artist Alley


Kick Ass

Doogie's signing

Doogie's signing


Fans of Shakespeare's Star Wars

The Miss Peregrine graphic novel banner!

E.B. signing autographs.

More fans!

Nicole and Hanna

Batman cosplay!

Hogwarts students


See you next year!

Eric Smith


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