National Ice Cream Month: Berries & Buttermilk Smoothie Ice Cream Pops

Posted by Caroline Mills

Okay, so these aren’t quite ice cream, but they’re packed with fruit and simple, delicious ingredients like yogurt and honey.

Break the mold with these creamy treats worthy of National Ice Cream Month.

Berries and Buttermilk Smoothie Ice Cream Pops

From On A Stick by Matt Armendariz

Sweet, simple, and with a tang of buttermilk, these smooth ice cream pops are fun to make. Feel free to use any variety of frozen fruit that you have on hand.


– 4 Pop sticks

– 1 ¼ lb frozen berries, like strawberry and blueberry, or fruit, like peach and mango.

– 1 Small banana

– 1 Cup low-fat buttermilk

– 1 Cup fat-free vanilla yogurt

– 2 tbsp honey


1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into ice-pop molds, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze 30 to 45 minutes, or until mixture begins to firm but is still soft.

2. Uncover molds and insert 1 stick into each semi-frozen pop. Return to freezer at least another 2 hours, or until completely frozen.

3. Remove ice pops from molds and serve.

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