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Miraz’s Castle

In Narnia, neighborhoods don’t get much trendier than Beaversdam, but this expansive abode next to the Great River, a popular place for jogging and picnicking, is timeless.

Named after the last owner, Miraz the Lord Protector, it boasts a massive front gate, three bay windows, multiple sets of arrowslits, gothic molding, two fireplaces, tiled kitchen floors, and battlement decks perfect for late parties or early brunches. The Telmarine Dynasty home boasts fifteen bedrooms (plus a bonus dungeon) and three baths.

While there is no backyard to speak of, the view is very impressive, offering clear sights of some of the farthest reaches of the kingdom, inspiring anyone to rule it with an iron fist.




It’s a familiar story: A king or queen spend years focusing a project, only to turn right around and put the papers up for sale as soon as an army of talking horses, centaurs, bears, dogs, leopards, panthers, dwarves, and six giants storm the gates.

Often, it is worth more to make a quick buck on the potential rather than to put all the time and effort into developing something properly. After all, we can’t all be Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve.

It should be noted that Anvard Castle in Archenland, is not a single would-be home but hundreds, as it once housed the majority the Archenlander population. Thanks to its green lawns and lack of a moat, it would be a new, attractive neighborhood in south Archenland.



Deathwater Island

Don’t look now, but yet another island on the Eastern Ocean has come up for grabs. Also known as “Goldwater Island,” the rocky outcroppings feature coarse grass, heather beds, and mountain views. Its main feature is a central lake fed by fresh water streams, with what looks like a gold statue of a man lying on the bottom.

Open house is scheduled for Tuesday from 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.



Cair Paraval

Some castles are lucky if they can boast five parapets and a quality drawbridge, yet this extravagant mansion in Narnia’s capital does all that and then some. Making its way to the market for the first time since the Telemarine conquest, the castle has had its share of prominent owners over its lifespan most notably King Peter, Queen Lucy, King Edmund, Queen Lucy, and the monarch in charge of it’s renovation, Caspian the Seafarer.

Though almost entirely rebuilt, the castle still embodies classic Golden Age elegance and grandeur. Many details of its past have remained in place like intricate carvings, decorative suits of armor, several fireplaces, mosaic wood floors, hallways decked out with fancy chandeliers, and detailed ceilings depicting the wonders of the Pevensie reign.

The common rooms feature expansive ceilings and lots of sunlight. The castle’s massive library rests between the homey dining and living rooms. To top things off, there are views of both the Great River and the Great Woods. All of this awaits the right wealthy buyer with enough zest—and the proper lineage—to get past the notoriously difficult co-op board.



Lamppost, the Lantern Waste

A single lamppost located within a vast field landscaped with tall pine trees, boasting a “view of greenery from every facet of it’s ever-burning light.

It might not be ready for the cover of Narnia Home & Garden, but this noteworthy landmark has potential.

Jadzia Axelrod

Jadzia Axelrod

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