More Zombie Tarot Deads, er, Spreads

Posted by Stacey Graham

It’s not easy being dead. Well, nearly dead. Zombies are licking the windows and once they figure out that whole doorknob thing, we’re just a bucket of elbows ready to be slurped down by the undead. But, until then, the Zombie Tarot can help with your more pressing questions of love, money and career so why not kill time before the genius missing half a braincase figures out the dog door.

The tarot is a snapshot of future: what cards you draw today will give you a good picture of what’s staggering down the road. Remember that you have the ability to mix it up a little, your fate is not set it stone, so if there are clouds on the horizon and zombies making you a bit stabby, gird your loins and either get ready to rumble or prepare to be a delicious snack.

Grab and Go: 1 Card Spread

A great way to start your morning if you’re too lazy to look out the window and see what’s hiding behind the bushes, the Grab and Go gives you a heads up on your day –and whether you’ll be losing yours.

To do: Shuffle the Zombie Tarot deck. Cut the deck in the middle then place the bottom half on top of the first and draw the first card. Look at the symbolism of the card. Is there water featured? Your subconscious is telling you to use your intuition and dig a little deeper into a problem for your answer. Does the card show you on the losing side of the zombie apocalypse? Perhaps a venture you’re working on isn’t quite ready for prime time yet; see what can be improved upon to get the results you want.

Survivor: 5 Card Spread

Some days you’re the zombie – some days you’re the bedraggled yet spunky survivor. This spread can be used to see how a situation may work out and what you can do to help achieve your goals.

To do: Shuffle the deck, cut the deck and after returning the cards into one giant deck of doom, place the cards as so:

Card one: Outlook for your situation as it is now

Card two: Who can help and not freak out when the zombies rattle the doorknob

Card three: What obstacle you need to confront

Card four: What can help you

Card five: Outcome

Keep in mind to read the spread as whole as well as individual cards. How do they work together? Is there a pattern of one suit showing up more than another? More Major Arcana cards than Minor? The Major Arcana cards are a knock to the back of the head from the universe so pay attention; they don’t like to be ignored.