Monster Mashup

Posted by Sandra Woolf

For many, Halloween means loads of candy, crazy costumes, and scary monsters. But monsters have feelings too! It may be hard to believe, but underneath the claws, fangs, and scales beats the heart of a romantic. That's why we're pairing up literature's scariest monsters in hope that they'll make a love connection.


The Jabberwocky and Balrog

Here's a wacky match that just might work! Let's introduce the scariest creature from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, the Jabberwocky, to Tolkien's favorite monster, the Balrog. Look at all they have in common! They both enjoy eating people, they have the same razor sharp teeth, and don't forget their dislike of pointy swords. These classical creatures would have a great time getting to know one another over a nice dinner in a dark cavernous hole.


Moby Dick and the Kraken

Stand back folks, because these next titans of terror are gonna fall hard…in love, that is! These eligible bachelors are none other than the great white whale himself, Moby Dick, and the giant squid of the sea, the Kraken. How could these two deep sea creatures resist one another? Destroying ships and killing seamen describes the perfect date for these lovebirds (or should we say lovefish?). This proves that even if you have gills or blow holes, anyone can find love.


It and Basilisk 

Clowns and snakes? What kind of hook up is that? Well, they both like to terrify children and can live for hundreds of years. They also have phobias centered around them. We’re pretty sure these monstrosities would hit it off. True love comes in all shapes and forms, so why not a scary killer clown and giant snake that turns people to stone? The king of serpents and king of childhood nightmares could really have a chance at romance.


Grendel and Cthulhu

What monsters are more misunderstood than Grendel and Cthulhu? These two gentle giants get a bad rap in the literary world. Sure, they may have eaten some innocent people and tried to end civilization as we know it, but who hasn't? They're just two dreamers looking for a little peace and quiet. Now that they have each other their blood lust will surely subside, or they could team up and destroy the entire world…let's hope for the best.


The Sphinx and Smaug

Sphaug? Sminx? The couple names are killer. Here are two cold blooded monsters that have potential for a steamy connection. The Sphinx loves a good riddle whilst Smaug covets all things gold. Set them up on a blind date and watch the sparks fly! They can soar above the clouds together, sending mere mortals for cover. Soon, it will be Smaug that will need to guard his heart against the Sphinx's talons of love.

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf lives in the PNW where she haunts bookshops and library sales. Freelancer by day, horror movie lover by night. Writing inquires can go to what lovely books at gmail or just to ask her how her hairy is so bouncy.