Microcrafts Microspotlight: Mei Pak, Tiny Hands Making Tiny Cupcakes

Posted by Eric Smith

“Specializing in sweets and snacks, Mei Park has been crafting customizable food jewelry since 2006.” So reads Mei Pak's bio in the back of Microcrafts, which features tutorials on how to make her famous mini cupcakes, tiny lollipops, and itty-bitty chocolates, each of which are made using multicolored polymer clay.

If you swing by her store, Tiny Hands Online, you can browse through a number of her bestselling charms, rings, earrings and necklaces, many of which actually smell like the food they are inspired by. That maple syrup drizzled waffle necklace, pumpkin pie ring, and donut charm bracelet actually smell just as good as they look.

So go check out her website. Not only can browse by the kind of jewelry, but you can browse by the flavor. IE: Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla… even low sugar. Sweet.

Tiny Hands Online

PS: Oh, and scope out this fabulous video of Mei via RAW: Natural Born Artists. I've pasted it after the break.

Eric Smith


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