Literary Characters Who Should Have Their Own Podcast

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Podcasts are a great way to catch up on all your favorite topics. But what if fictional characters were allowed to host? Here are 5 literary characters that should have their own podcast.

Sherlock Holmes 

Step aside Serial, there's a new true crime podcast in town. Hosted by the original master of deduction, Sherlock Holmes. This Victorian detective takes you step by step into a new unsolved case each week. With his trusty partner Dr. Watson as his co-host, there's no mystery too great for Holmes to solve.

HANNIBAL: Season One - "Apertif" - Episode 101 (Photo: Brooke Palmer/ Sony Pictures Television/ NBC)

Hannibal Lecter 

How about a podcast that's a feast for the ears? Well then, listen to world famous culinarian Hannibal Lecter school you in the art of cooking. With his knowledge in knives and skill for preparing ”unusual" cuts of meat, you'll be sure to learn a few new tips and tricks. Just don't ask after the secrets to his culinary success.

Elizabeth Bennet 

Listeners looking for love and relationship advice should check out Lizzy Bennet's podcast "Love, Austen Style"! Now that she's found her happy ending, Lizzy can offer some insight and answer some of your burning questions. Like how to find Mr. Right? Or how to marry above your status? With Lizzy's help you're bound to find your own Mr. Darcy!



Have a bit of wanderlust? Then subscribe to Odysseus' travel podcast! Kick it old school as Odysseus recounts his many heroic adventures. With over ten years of experience exploring the world, fighting monsters, and dealing with angry gods. This podcast will have you at the edge of your seat!


Arya Stark 

Winter is coming….in the form of a podcast! Arya is definitely the spunkiest Stark offspring, and that's why she deserves her very own podcast. Since she's training to be an assassin, Arya can give everyone the four-one-one on the art of revenge. Not sure how long her show will last though, since we all know how George R. R. Martin feels about keeping popular characters alive!

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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