Life @ Quirk: March’s Pink Piggy Party

Posted by Jennifer Adams

Here at Quirk we know how to work hard and play hard. Our monthly office parties give us an excuse to celebrate. Katie Hatz, our resident party designer, picks fun and quirky themes for us to play with. We went for a Pink Piggy Party in March. We celebrated with pig ear headbands, ate pork-inspired treats, and played pink pig balloon volleyball.

Check out some photos, our music list, and great recipes below. Oink, oink!

From left to right: Jane Morley, Editorial Assistant; Mari Kraske, Publicist; Jason Rekulak, Associate Publisher and Creative Director; and Nicole De Jackmo, Publicity Manager.

Katie Hatz, Designer, creates pink pig balloon decorations.

From left to right: Andie Reid; Junior Designer; Margaret McGuire, Editor; Katie Hatz, Designer


Our Party Mix

By DJ John J. McGurk

Piggies – The Beatles

Pork and Beans – Weezer

No Mercy for Swine – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Pigs in Zen – Jane’s Addiction

Ham ‘N’ Eggs – A Tribe Called Quest

War Pigs – Black Sabbath

The Spam Song – Monty Python

Pigs on the Wing – Pink Floyd

Canned Ham – Norman Greenbaum

Three Little Pigs – Green Jelly



Recipes For Snacks


Maple Bacon Krispie Treats from Katie Hatz, Designer, Baker and All-Around Crafty Gal


3 tablespoons butter
10 oz (1 bag) marshmallows
1/2 cup maple syrup
6 cups puffed rice cereal (I like to get fancypants brown rice when I'm feeling saucy)
1 pound bacon, cooked and coarsely crumbled


Melt butter over low heat in a big pot. Add marshmallows and stir until melted, then add syrup. Stir in cereal and crumbled bacon until coated, then press into buttered 9×9 pan with buttered spatula. Let cool until set.

Bourbon Soy-sage Balls courtesy of Mandy Sampson, Quirk's Production and Sales Assistant