Life Hacks for Your Library

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Unfortunately, we can't all have Belle's perfect library. But we can sure try to make our own just as cool with these five life hacks.


From's "In Defense of: Organizing Books by Color"

Library Hack #1: Color Coordinate

Be the envy of every book lover with this colorful hack. Color coordinate everything! There has always been a debate on how to organize your library, the standards being alphabetically or by height. Why not choose a rainbow instead? By organizing your books by color, you instantly add charm to your library! 


From Meredith and the New Yorkie

Library Hack #2: Baskets!

Who said only books belong on bookshelves? Avoid a cluttered looking library by using baskets to add needed storage and style. Have books that you've read and want to lend out? Put them in a special bin and let your friends raid your stash! Magazine files can be used to house comics, bookmarks, and even craft supplies.


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Life Hack #3: Think Off The Shelf

Think outside the box to make your library truly unique. Everyone loves using the plain white bookcases from a certain Swedish furniture store. To add some pizzazz to your library, try using unorthodox methods to display your books. Just by doing some googling you can find bookshelves made out of skateboards, pianos, metal piping, ladders, etc. 


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Life Hack #4: Look for Nooks

What reader wouldn't love a comfy chair loaded with pillows in their bookish sanctuary? Or a window seat fortified with blankets and cushions to spend some quality reading time? Don't let books and shelves be the only focus in your library. Carve out a nook for you to sit back and read to your heart’s content. 


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Life Hack #5: A Space to Create

Need a place to write, draw, or create art? Why not use your library? Make the most out of the space to work on your passion projects. You can do this by adding your favorite inspirational quotes to the wall. Put a writing desk in the corner with pens and paper on hand, in case you need to write down ideas.

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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