Lessons Learned at BEA/BookCon 2015 (+ Giveaway)!

Posted by Julie Leung

"It's like geek heaven, you gotta check it out!" — anonymous guy on his phone at our BEA/Bookcon booth, who basically gave us the best endorsement ever. 

Conventions and conferences come and go, but BEA and BookCon are something special. Once a year, we get to hobnob with all our publishing colleagues and greet our readers in real life instead of online. Our authors get to be the rock stars they are. We dole out exclusive chapter samplers and the best totes in town. We collectively squee with you over our mutual bookish passions. It's a glorious time that leaves us with raspy voices and heads full of great memories at the end of the day. 

This year was no exception. We tackled BEA/BookCon harder than a NFL linebacker. Just check out the photos below: 


"It's like geek heaven, you gotta check it out." — anonymous guy at our booth.

Posted by Quirk Books on Monday, June 1, 2015


Now this isn't our first BEA rodeo. After so many years of walking the show floor, we wanted to impart some of our gathered wisdoms, observations, and lessons learned: 

"The person ahead of you got the last ARC giveaway? When flipping the table, make sure to lift with the legs to avoid back injury." — Tim O'Donnell, Art Director

"Start your shoulder strengthening exercises a month in advance. This ain't no balloon convention." — Suzanne Wallace, Associate Publicist

"Take that $4 bottled water and re-fill at the water fountain. Tell yourself that it's like only paying $2.00 per bottle, and dampen the outrage." — Julie Leung, Social Media & Marketing Manager

"The Javits is to convention centers what LaGuardia is to airports. That’s not a compliment to either one." — John McGurk, Director, Digital & Print Production

"Fangirls are gonna fan. (And, we are so glad that they do!)" — Brett Cohen, President

"The power of free totes compel you. (Free books too.)" — Brett Cohen, President

"Carry at least two box cutters at all times, one for opening boxes and one for guarding the tote bags."  — Kate Brown, Sales Assistant



And for those of you who weren't able to make it out to NYC this year, we missed you and we still love you! In fact, to help wipe away those feelings of FOMO, we're giving away FIVE of our highly-lauded tote bags stuffed to the brim with our BEA/BookCoon goodies. Look at all the swag you'll get: 

– ARC & Poster of Warren the 13th by Tania del Rio & Will Staehle

– ARC & Poster of Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen

– ARC & Poster of the Home Alone Picture Book

– Exclusive chaplet of Ransom Riggs' Library of Souls, third book in Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series. 

– Poster of Find Momo: Coast to Coast 

– Poster of The League of Regrettable Superheroes

– Recipe from the forthcoming Maple cookbook 

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