If Your Favorite Literary Characters Had A Wrestling Theme Song

Posted by Maria Vicente

Imagine this: By some unforeseen chain of events, your favourite literary characters have decided to take up professional wrestling.

As they walk into the stadium, their theme songs blare on the audio system, telling us a little bit about their individual stories and providing us with endless entertainment as we try to hide our laughter.

KATNISS EVERDEEN: She’s the girl to run the world. Hell, she won The Hunger Games – nothing can stop her now. [Audio Link]

SHERLOCK HOLMES: There isn’t a case that Sherlock Holmes can’t solve. If you’ve done something wrong, one way or another, he’s going to get you. [Audio Link]

BATMAN: The dark knight just can’t stay away. He’s addicted to the thrill and he breaks the rules to save the citizens of Gotham. Again and again and again. [Audio Link]

BRIDGET JONES: Bridget is an independent woman. She doesn’t need a man to be happy. Her diary is full of we are never ever ever getting back together scribbles, punctuated with an abundance of exclamation marks. [Audio Link]

JAY GATSBY: Beyond his party planning exterior, Jay Gatsby is a man of romance. The only thing that keeps him going is Daisy and he will wait until she comes back around. [Audio Link]

Maria Vicente is a literary agent intern living in Ottawa, Canada. She likes coffee, books, snail mail, and magic. You can find her on Twitter (@MsMariaVicente) or check out her website (mariavicente.com).