If I Stay…On the Internet Long Enough to Find Awesome Fan Art

Posted by Diana R. Wallach

YA readers put the passion back into books. From Twihards to Potterheads, these teens create mega best sellers, know every detail of their favorite novels, can pick each discrepancy in their long-awaited book-to-film adaptations, and can bust box office records. They write fan fiction, go to fan conventions, and steal movie props that their favorite characters sat on. 

But my favorite trend with the YA set has to be fan art—teens who are so inspired by the words that they read, that they redesign book covers, create faux movie posters, or sketch how they imagine a book’s most memorable scene. One YA novel, soon-to-be-film that has inspired such creative adaptations is Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, which is slated to hit theaters August 22nd.

It’s the story of seventeen-year-old Mia who survives a family car wreck only to land in a coma and face an impossible choice—does she want to continue in this world given everything she’s lost, or would rather let go? It’s a powerful, layered novel that makes you think, and it's inspired some beautiful fan art. Below is a collection of some of our favorites—many from the If I Stay movie Tumblr.

1.     A Watercolor Rendering by cap3llar


2.     Fan-Created Movie Poster by the-manila-institute


3.     Mia and Her Cello, created by NinjaKitty28


4.     Redesigned Book Cover by Korhz Galia


5.     A Collage of Favorite Quotes and Scenes by yasminwithane


6.     A Sketch of Mia Playing the Cello by G. Berry


7.     A School Art Project Inspired by Mia’s Music, eponinethenardiess



8.     A Hand-Drawn Collage of Favorite Quotes and Objects from the Novel, intoxicatingg-love


9. A Fan-Created Movie Poster