How-To Tuesday: Penguin Classics Inspired Projects You Can Make for Penguin Awareness Day

Posted by Eric Smith

Ah, yes. The noble Penguin. Today on Penguin Awareness Day, we honor the publisher that… 

Okay, okay. So Penguin Awareness Day isn't actually about the publishing house, but wouldn't that be fun? To celebrate the wrong (but oh so right) Penguin, I've rounded up a number of awesome Penguin Classics inspired projects you can create yourself. 

If you make any of these, feel free to tweet them at us and the awesome folks at Penguin Classics, who are hopefully celebrating in style. 

Penguin Classics DIY Paintings: In addition to that video we posted above, Lisa Roy has an amazing tutorial on how to create these large prints of any Penguin Classic cover you want. Stencil and paint a cover you love or create one all your own! 

Penguin Classics Book Clutch: Over on Made In Home you can learn how to make this super cute clutch bag, inspired by Penguin Classics' iconic book cover art. You'll learn how to quilt the cover AND create the actual clutch. Lots to do, and it is awesome. 

Penguin Classics Postcard Art: This is an easy one to gather materials for. You can pick up a pack of 100 Penguin Classics postcards for about $20, and mounting them isn't too tough. How About Orange has a great tutorial, just for you

Penguin Classics Inspired Cards: In last week's How-To Tuesday, we dished out a tutorial on this! Check it out! 

Eric Smith


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