How To Tuesday: Making Snacks Shaped Like the Fictional Characters We’re Obsessed With

Posted by Suzanne Wallace
We all experience the same feeling that you get when you’re finished reading a book or watching a TV series.
Something inside of you died a little, and now you have to go through the entire grieving process to fully accept that your favorite character (Harry, Edward, Katniss, or whoever) isn’t your real-life beau or BFF. They’re fictional. (Yes they are. I know, I know, shh.)
But I come bearing good news! Baker-bloggers all around the world go through this too, and they can teach us how to eat—er, bake—your fictional loves! 

Harry Potter: We’ve had a few years to mourn the finale of both the books and movies, but that doesn’t mean we miss Harry and his friends (and foes, if you’re a traitor) any less. Bloggers at Bake at 350 share our love for Harry, Ron, and Hermione and share an easy and adorable recipe on how to make and decorate Harry Potter-themed cookies
Orange is the New Black: Whether you binge-watched the second season in less than 24 hours or made yourself savor it, we are all in this together. We miss our bad-ass ladies (and we want Mendez gone, but I’ll save that rant for later). Diary of a Mad Hausfrau teaches us how to spend our time wisely while waiting for season 3—eating crazy eyes ice cream!
The Walking Dead: Hrraaaauuughhhh. Why do we watch The Walking Dead? Because of the zombies, of course! The fifth season of will premiere in a couple weeks, but until then we’ve gotta get our horror fix in the kitchen. Now we’ll eat the zombies for a change! Get your gore on with Not Quite Nigella blog’s superbly creepy zombie cookies.
Breaking Bad: We all cried a little during the Breaking Bad finale. It was simple and heartbreaking, and surprisingly uplifting. With this recipe from Semi Sweet Designs, you can remember Walter White by decorating cookies to become either Walter circa Season 1, Walter in the lab, or secret-identity Heisenberg.
Next time you’re feeling desolate after a final chapter or season finale, eat your feelings! And here Quirk poses a challenge: can YOU bake your favorite fictional character?
Suzanne Wallace

Suzanne Wallace

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