How To Plan Your Geeky Picnic

Posted by Kristina Pino
Now that we're waist-deep in the halcyon days of summer, it's a great time to spend your time outdoors. But if sweating and physical activity aren't appealing to you, might we recommend a geeky or literary themed picnic with your friends? Here are some tips to make your next day in the park an utterly nerdy affair.


Consider the decor.

If it rained recently, spread out a shower curtain or (similarly impermeable piece of fabric) to keep your seating nice and dry. Go for a nerdy one with a superhero or periodic table design, or whatever you're a geek about, and just have it set aside for these occasions. And even if it isn't a rainy-looking day, you may still benefit from grabbing an umbrella (check out these sweet lightsaber ones, for example) to shield you from the sun and prevent burns. Don't forget some sun screen or a personal fan if you or a companion can't handle the heat. If you want to go the extra mile, you can replace the label on the sunscreen with something nerdy. 
Bonus idea: Use a Twister mat in lieu of a shower curtain, and it doubles as a surface to sit and eat as well as to play.

Get creative about the food.

The food you pack for a picnic should be things that won't go soggy on you in the cooler, won't go bad if it sits out for a little while, and is easy to clean up. We like the idea of making cute onigiri (rice balls) that guests can personalize and decorate at the picnic. You can mix carrots and greens for decoration or throw in yummy fillers. Check out our book Yum-Yum Bento Box for great recipe ideas. Or, 

Prepare the right activities. 

(Photo credit: HolyCalamity via Flickr)
Whether you're by yourself, or on a date, or with pals, it's just too easy to get caught up in all the food prep and forget that you'll need to fill in the time you're actually at the park with fun activities. Easy suggestions include taking board games, a ball or frisbee to toss around with pals, but as a nerd, you know you've got loads more options:
  1. Recite and/or re-enact your favorite scenes from books or movies. Shakespeare's Star Wars works great for this. 
  2. Write some flash fiction based on shapes you can see in the clouds, and have an impromptu poetry reading.
  3. Challenge your friends to a nerdy scavenger hunt (i.e. find the best materials for impromptu Microcrafts)


Of course, after going through all the effort of planning the perfect, geekified picnic, maybe take some pictures so the rest of us can live vicariously through your rad afternoon, yeah?