How To Make Our Favorite Lembas Bread, Plus Dips!

Posted by Marsha Auguste

Lembas bread is a well-kept secret of the elves, and if Legolas is to be believed, "one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man."  While we can't guarantee the exact same dietary satisfaction, we can say this is one tasty lembas bread recipe that goes with everything and is easy to make. Sure to be a hit at your next Middle Earth-inspired celebration!

There are many recipes available for lembas bread, from simple to complex. The recipe we made needs only five ingredients and uses on cinnamon as the main flavor component. The full recipe can be found here.

Note: This batter comes out really thick and is prone to stick to the mixer. Flouring will help, as well as dampening your tools.

The final product tastes like cinnamon (without a sweet element) and has the consistency of a chocolate chip cookie. 

Though tasty on its own, how could just a bit of lembas bread satisfy a hobbit? Or a whole party of them? The answer, of course, is bacon.  

Bacon Pate makes a tasty compliment to the cinnamon-y lembas bread. Our favorite recipe can be found here


The Bacon Pate provides a good savory compliment to the lembas bead, so lemon curd was chosen as a sweet contrast.

The lemon curd, made with fresh lemon juice, lemon rind, butter, eggs, and sugar brings the lembas bread into dessert territory. Full recipe can be found here. Note that it took five smaller lemons to reach the ½ cup of juice, instead of the 2-3 called for in the recipe.

All it takes to finish this curd is a good whisk, and it's ready to spread.

The final verdict on this sweet and salty lembas bread combo? The cinnamon complements the savory flavor of the bacon pate just as well as the tart lemon curd. Serve this at your next party and guests will be begging you for the recipe.