How to Identify a Book Lover

Posted by Bree Crowder

Wait, is today the day? The day for us, the book-crazed fanatics who would rather spend hours inhaling novels than extroverting? It is. National Book Lovers Day is upon us. It's a time to appreciate the bookworm(s) in your life. In celebration of Book Lovers Day, grab your next read, settle in, and take solace in the fact that we are all weird book-smellers.



It's a thing, OK? Every single book lover has smelled at least one book. If you haven’t smelled a book, you just aren’t living. There's nothing in this world that smells like the dusty pages of a really old book, or the print-pressy smell of a brand new one. Basically, book-smelling should be a requirement of reading. Do it. Do it now.


Always Socializes About Books

Our go-to conversation piece is always about books. But when you aren't talking to someone quite as obsessed as yourself, topics are hard to come by. “Have you read Cursed Child? Released at midnight on July 31st!” No? Alright. "Have you been to that used bookstore on 2nd? I made it upstairs and my heart almost exploded because SO MANY BOOKS." Still no? If you're conversing with someone whose heart doesn't explode when perusing a bookstore, you have two options: talk about the weather or excuse yourself from your present company.


Owns More Books Than Possible to Read

Currently, how many books are on your shelf that you haven't even cracked open yet? How are you ever going to read them all? It's so hard not to support books and authors. Plus, they make the décor of your home A++. The term “hoarder” is just plain negative, don’t you think?


Always, Always Has Books on Hand

Books are beautiful and tell amazing stories, but they’re also really heavy. Here’s to being hunch-backed by 30! Pro-tip: Get a backpack and evenly distribute the weight. Trust us.


So Many Books, So Little Time

Don't think about it too much. If you do, you'll 100% cry. ALL THE BOOKS YOU'LL NEVER READ.


Recommends Books…to Everyone

Just because you love The Hunger Games doesn’t mean your friends will. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to try to make them read it, because let's be real, if they just read it, they'd understand.

We know, it’s hard to fathom that someone might not like a dystopian action series about children killing each other, but believe it or not, your friends might not be into that.


Book Gifts Are the BEST Gifts

The ABSOLUTE best. Sure, your bookshelf may be full of books you haven’t read yet, but book gifts are always, always appreciated. And unopened books hold infinite possibilities.


Uses Books to Pick Up Your Future S.O.

Who ever said you couldn’t pick up a date by using a quirky, witty book ploy? Just watch out for the manic pixie dream girl.