How to Get Your Favorite Character’s Hairstyle (With Tips From Stylists)

Want to recreate a character’s haircut but are unsure how—or if—you should take the leap? Set up your appointment now. You may have the urge to visit your hairdresser after checking out these cuts. We’ve rounded up some styles sported by fictional characters. Bonus? We asked stylists for pro tips on how to achieve and maintain these looks.


Fantine, Les Miserables : The Pixie

Okay, so Fantine didn’t have much of a say when it came to styling her pixie—she sold her hair to keep her daughter alive. Luckily, Anne Hathaway can pull off the pixie in real life, and we don’t ever want her to switch back.

Stylist tips on how to pull off the ‘do: Hello, texturizer and hairspray. The pixie is a commitment and requires a small amount of effort and styling every day. If you’re unsure about the pixie cut, work your way up to it. Never go for it on a whim. For round faces in particular, make sure you get a pixie with spiky, voluminous layers. The flat pixie isn’t for you.


Cressida, The Hunger Games : Undercut or Side Shave

We’re all about Cressida’s cool hairstyle. It fits her personality. And that tattoo on the side of her head? Pure awesomeness.

Stylist tips on how to pull off the ‘do: Cressida’s cut is more drastic than the average undercut—it’s more like a half shaved head. Her look is meant to convey the “Capitol.” No matter what kind of undercut you opt for, this one is a commitment too, just like the pixie. Otherwise, it’s a killer cut for self-expression. Undercuts are also a great way to take weight out of a pixie if your hair is very thick. It allows the hair to lie nicely on top without weight lines once the hair starts to grow in.

Steer clear of this one if you’re currently searching for a job in the corporate world. Otherwise, just go for it. Be bold like Cressida.


Daenerys and Drogo, Game of Thrones : Long (Braided) Locks

Ladies and gentlemen, take note. Daenerys and Drogo have the braided hair game wrapped up. (Please still like us. We’re sorry for the pun.) Drogo’s isn’t exactly a braid, but still. To be fair, everyone in Game of Thrones has great hair. We’re thinking about you in particular, Sansa Stark and Cercei Lannister. And Margaery Tyrell.

Stylist tips on how to pull off the ‘do: You can braid with short hair, but to get the look spot on, you need long hair. Get extensions, practice YouTube hair tutorials, or have it done at a Renaissance Faire. Braiding takes time and practice. Your best friend is your ability to not get frustrated. We believe in you.


Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice : Bangs

Elizabeth’s bangs are a thing of beauty. As one of the most iconic characters in literature, she deserves to also be noted as having some of the best fringe in literature.

Stylist tips on how to pull off the ‘do: Consider different bangs for different face shapes. For instance, a square face may look best with eye-grazing bangs, while a round face should go with wispier pieces. Always go longer when wet—you never know how much bounce your bangs will have once they’re dry, and you can’t predict growth patterns that may pop up. Our all time favorite bangs go to Zooey Deschanel, Ronald Weasley, and Rory Gilmore circa season seven (#1 on this list).


Nimona, Nimona : Dyed, Pixie, Shave, Bangs, Basically Everything

Bonus haircut! This chick can rock anything—but if she doesn’t like it, she can shape shift to something else.

Stylist tips on how to pull off the ‘do: Channel Nimona’s badass vibe and just do it. That’s our only advice for this one. Go all out. This hairstyle is all about being yourself and rocking whatever you want. You’ve got this.

Christina Schillaci

Christina Schillaci

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