How to DIY 8 Different Bookish Christmas Trees

Posted by Margaret Dunham

While evergreens are ever-traditional for the holiday season, booklovers with a little crafty know-how can build their own trees out of the one thing we all love: books! Caution: some of these designs call for painting or damaging books, so they’ll be ideal for those old paperbacks or that encyclopedia you’ve got boxed up in the attic.

1. Have a drill handy? Old or damaged books are perfect for this tree project. With a few spools to add space between the covers and lights to dress it up, just a few books are needed to put this project together. As the original artist notes in the tutorial, covers can be painted to coordinate and give you that coveted evergreen look!


2. Build your own full-sized tree with nothing but your library (and these instructions)! Only use your own library for this one though – you wouldn’t want to choose between late fees and holiday spirit, would you?


3. Want a full-sized book tree, but don’t want to pull down your whole library? Build a full-sized book tree built around small boxes with this handy tutorial.

4. These folded mini-trees are perfect for the table or the top of a bookshelf. You can make them with used books that have lost their covers or paperbacks long past their prime.

5. Add a little glitter to those folded paperback trees with this tutorial.

6. Embrace your love of adorable tiny toys with this tabletop book tree atop a cake stand! Looks like a perfect way to display those treasures action figures for the holiday season – just picture Vader and Obi-Wan dueling atop this tiny tree. Oh! And tiny Ewoks all over! Adorable.

7. Short on time, space, tools, and books? Why, then this stacked book tree is the one for you! Just organize your volumes from largest to smallest, stack up a short stump, open your books and get stackin’.


8. Made with tiny crumpled pages and a foam cone as a base, this tree makes a lovely addition to a mantle or holiday table. 

Have you made your own Christmas tree before? Have you ever made one out of books? Try it this year and tell us how it went – bonus points for pictures!