How to Create a Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Costume

Posted by Heidi Milano
Several years ago, prior to San Diego Comic Con, I made an offhand comment to my friend Jason Rekulak (Quirk's publisher) offering to dress up as Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, thinking it would be fun having a Quirk character roaming the show floor. There was a pause, then the question “would you really?” Heck yea! How hard could it be? I mean who doesn’t love dressing up?
Putting together a fun costume doesn’t necessarily require a large financial investment; all it takes is a little creativity. After a few quick searches online and I had a pretty good idea of what was needed to pull this off.

This is the most important and easiest part of your outfit to start with. This dress is a one size fits all, everything is elastic.
Adult White Over-the-elbow Gloves (Anywhere, purchased for $7.99)
Get these in a matte material, not shiny. Every regency fan will attack your shiny gloves, beware!
These plastic samurai swords measure approximately 23" with a 15.5" blade. They are made from plastic and come in four colors with matching scabbards. These are great accessory swords for costumes. Especially when you can’t bring your real ones. They also have foam ninja stars so no one loses an eye.
There are some hair styles that just need a lot of hair. This is a great 18" big wave ponytail claw clip hair extension. It works really well for old timey up-dos.
Any kind of plain flat shoes will work well for your costume. After I learned the hard way, make sure that they’re comfortable for a whole day’s worth of standing and walking around.