How Katniss Everdeen Would Do in Other Dystopias

Posted by Hannah Frank

As Katniss Everdeen hits the big screen for a final time, here at Quirk, we wondered how the Girl On Fire might fare in other dystopian settings. (Spoilers ahead!)

Fahrenheit 451

As the Girl on Fire, Katniss might start out like the novel’s protagonist, a ‘fireman’ burning books to keep people sedate. But her rebellious side would surely encourage her to strike out and find the Book Lovers, just as she reunited with District 13. Together with these learned folks, they would rebuild a society free from oppression.


Orwell’s nightmarish depiction of the eighties-that-never-were might feel like home away from home for Katniss. A totalitarian government bent on total control over the population through threat of violence? Piece of cake. Big Brother would never survive with Katniss at the helm of a rebellion and a dreamy novel-writing Peeta by her side. Their love would spur a revolution and put an end to the propaganda machine.

The Giver

In the black and white dystopia of The Giver, Katniss would do well filling in for Jonas as the Receiver of Memory. She would certainly relish the chance to escape from a confining society which had no room for rule-breaking or deviance. Her headstrong attitude might even cause Katniss to return to the city after a brief time away to help them rebuild.


The House of the Scorpion

Katniss would never stand for being treated as less than human – especially if she was a clone to be used to sustain the life of an elderly drug lord. Much like the protagonist Matt, she would fight for her right to live her life as she sees fit. It’s also easy to see her leading a revolt of the plankton-eating Keepers and facilitating freedom for all those oppressed under the cruel Alacrán family. 

Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank

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