Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Lifestyle and Wellness

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

On the lookout for lifestyle and wellness reads that tackle tough-to-discuss topics in a friendly way? Try these books on how to exercise when you’re struggling with mental health, navigating sober dating (and having fun in and out of the bedroom), and mastering the art of sleep. 😴


Work It Out: A Mood-Boosting Exercise Guide for People Who Just Want to Lay Down

by Sarah Kurchak

Frank, funny, and sympathetic, this fitness book offers realistic tips, encouragement, and dozens of activity ideas for times when exercise is the only thing that will help—and the last thing you want to do.

Exercise is the most reliable way to improve mental health. But if you’re depressed, anxious, burned out, or struggling, it may feel impossible to get started, get serious, or even get up.

Written by an neurodivergent exercise professional, Work It Out meets you where you are—even if you’re lying on the floor.



Dry Humping: A Guide to Dating, Relating, and Hooking Up Without the Booze

by Tawny Lara

A lighthearted, cheeky, and judgment-free handbook from sober sexpert Tawny Lara on how to have better sex, better dates, and better partnerships—without relying on alcohol!

“An absolute gem . . . a must-read.”—Emily Lynn Paulson, founder of Sober Mom Squad



Good Night: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Sleep of Your Life

by Julia Blohberger and Roos Neeter

If you struggle with insomnia, sleep procrastination, and catching zzz’s in general, this empowering handbook will help you master the art of sleep.

In our busy, hyperconnected times, it can be hard to fall–and stay–asleep at  night. But sleep is one of the keys to overall well-being, and not getting enough of it can have a big impact on your physical and mental health.

Written by two yoga and Ayurveda teachers, Good Night will help you understand the connections between diet, exercise, stress, and sleep so you can improve the quality of your rest from every angle.

Keep an eye out for Good Flow, the next book in the Feel Good series, on sale December 26, 2023! With this empowering handbook, a better period is possible!


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