Hold ‘Em and Fold ‘Em: Nine Book-Inspired Origami Projects

Posted by Alyssa Favreau

(Image via http://www.wetcanvas.deviantart.com)

Whether you’ve got an hour to kill, or you just want to keep your hands busy during a class you’re totally listening to, origami can’t be beat. So in honour of Origami Day, here is a roundup of literature-inspired crafts for your nimble fingers.

Jules Verne diehards can recreate this metallic hot air balloon. It might not get you around the world in 80 days, but it will definitely prettify your desk.


Now we know you can make a sailboat, but how about adding a sperm whale to your repertoire? This tutorial will let you unleash you inner Ahab as you recreate Moby Dick’s epic tangle with the Pequod.


This intensive, three-part tutorial produces a unicorn that’s every bit as dainty as Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn. Here’s part one:


Whether you like your dragons terrifying like Smaug or friendly (and with a sweet-tooth) like the inhabitants of Patrcia C. Wrede’s Echanted Forest Chronicles, this tutorial has got you covered.


Though the video is specifically a guide to making Tolkien’s legendary sword, Narsil, if you pass it off as Excalibur or Hrunting (or even the Vorpal sword, someone needs to kill that Jabberwocky), we won’t tell.

If you get caught up making a white rabbit, we can’t promise you won’t be late (for a very important date).


If Jack London fans can forgive that this is actually a shepherd dog tutorial, having a mini White Fang might help bring the Klondike Gold Rush to life.


Don’t worry Potterheads, we’re not leaving you out. Here’s a giant golden snitch (though it’s not recommended that you play Quidditch with it).


And hey, if you want to keep things simple, why not stick with an origami book?