Handbag Essentials for Every Jane Austen Fan

Posted by Kristina Pino

(Purses from Novel Creations)

For those of us who really want to show our love for Jane Austen, there are endless possibilities. Her works are so prevalent it's easy to find tees, scarves, pendants, and mugs splashed with quotations from Pride & Prejudice and other stories. But let's not stop there. Let's dig deeper – into our handbags and purses and totes. 


The Makeup Bag

Or really, the anything bag, as it comes in three sizes and can be used for small things, like pencils or candy and other objects we don't want loose in our bag, but still like to have on us. Get yours here.

The Compact Mirror

Because we need to make sure we look fly while we're on the go. Get yours here.


The Flask

Bonus: this one has a library card design! So there are two levels of bookish goodness packed into it. Get yours here.


The Coin Purse

Change isn't for chumps! It just has this penchant for rolling around loose in our bags and getting lost. So here's a place to put it all. Get yours here.


The Notebook

Though many folks rely on our phones and other technology to remind us of our grocery lists and such, some of us still prefer the good ol' jot down method. Get yours here.

Perfume Oil

For a bit of sillage, or the lingering scent that one leaves behind as they walk away. Perfect for alluring future lovers. Get yours here. 

What essential items have we missed?