Posted by Jamie Canaves

October is the month we’re basically made up of sugar, obsessed with watching as many horror movies as possible, and reading ALL the dark books. Throw in Halloween crafts plus putting together our costumes—did we mention all the Halloween candy we eat?!—and you can see why it’s our favorite month.

In the spirit of continuing the fun we decided to play a game: #HalloweenABook. Make sure to join us on Twitter!


We can never have enough.


Anyone else suddenly in the mood to watch Clue for the billionth time?




Guess we’re on our own with our witchy ways. What could go wrong?


Our favorite kind of tree!


*Dracula laugh*


Well, any excuse to call the Ghostbusters!


Have the Ghostbusters started taking on zombie cases? Someone call Holtz and ask. If Kevin answers just hang up.